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Here's all the action from the U21 friendly vs. Sutton United

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Most of Chelsea's first team spent last week gallivanting around South East Asia, scoring for fun, but the under-21s were in action as well. On the 23rd, they played a non-televised friendly against Sutton United which they won 4-0 -- and it turns out that the home side put the video highlights up for us all to peruse. Thanks to @chelseayouth for finding them.

In addition to goals from Alex Kiwomya, Isiah Brown, Ulises Davila and Jonathan Swift, we were treated to what was actually a pretty good display from the youngsters (at least from the highlights). They defended very well and some of their passing moves were superb. Yeah, the finishing was kind of a joke, but I'd rather have the rest of the football look excellent and finishing be mediocre -- they did score four goals, after all -- than the other way around. Easier to work on the latter, after all.