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Mourinho says there's been no second bid for Rooney

Alex Livesey

It's been a little while since the first serious signs that Wayne Rooney was a legitimate Chelsea target appeared. Since, we're heard many rumours. We've been told how much the club offered for the striker and all number of things about a possible second bid. But what do we actually know?

At this moment we have made what you know. That bid which was public and official and after that nothing else. But we are calm as we told you that we are calm because we are happy with what we have.

-Jose Mourinho. Source: Mail.

Remember that what Mourinho might be saying about transfers doesn't always have to be true, but this is still a rather damning counterpoint to the claims that there's already been multiple bids in this little chase. Aside from tidbits which were apparently leaked from Rooney's camp, centering on his desire to leave Manchester United and willingness to take a minor paycut to join Chelsea, there's been no interesting news on the Rooney front in some time -- my guess is that that's what's led to the Arsenal talk, which strikes me as a means of hurrying the Blues up.

The club has always preferred keeping quiet about these things, so it's entirely possible that we're back to standard operating procedure regarding transfers. That means we'll be kept guessing until this thing actually happens. Or doesn't, as the case may be.

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