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Chelsea release third kit for 2013/14... and it's not too bad

Mike Hewitt

Chelsea's third kit for the 2013/14 season has been released, and, as expected, it's an all black number. In fact, it's exactly what it was rumoured to be -- black with silver highlights and without much detailing apart from a couple of underarm panels:

It's not bad at all. I'm a big fan of adidas' black kits (the 2008/09 aways were magnificent), and this one doesn't add too much in the way of... I don't know, weird blue square to detract from the overall look. I quite like the use of silver as well; it's a much less garish colour than the gold that was used on last year's home kits. I'm not sold on the white edging around the underarm panels -- they make the top look like a training bib to me -- but oh well. It's a decent enough effort, especially for a third, and looks better on the players than the leaked photo did.

What I can't figure out is why anyone would want to buy one. Compared to the homes and the aways, which are both gorgeous, this third is lacking a certain flair, and if you wanted an all-black Chelsea kit, you probably already had one. Either way, I'm glad they saved the least compelling kit design for the thirds, and that even adidas' worst effort's still a solid 7/10 job.

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