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Did Chelsea remember to send a birthday card to Daniele De Rossi?

There he goes, my beautiful world...
There he goes, my beautiful world...
Giuseppe Bellini

Well well well well well well...

After months of rumors and wrangling and uncertainty, it appears that the Italian side of the Daniele De Rossi (rumored) transfer tussle (may) have struck a (potentially) decisive blow (maybe). We shouldn't be too harsh on Chelsea for losing on such a masterstroke though; few ever expect the surprise birthday greeting (be it a video or a card) and thus the move is a tough one to counter.

On Wednesday, De Rossi celebrated his big 3-0. I always tell myself that 30 is the new 20 - ignoring the eternal hangovers and the ever increasing muscle recovery times - and apparently Francesco Totti is laboring under similar delusions. To celebrate his teammate's birthday, Totti sent the following message via the club's TV channel:

"Ciao Dani, best wishes for turning 30, though you’re getting old now and practically finished!

It’s better if you give us the present, so stay here at Roma and at least we’ll win something great together. Ciao bello!"

-Francesco Totti, Roma Channel; source: Football Italia

Game. Set. Match.

Totti of course is old enough to have probably forgotten all about turning 30, so we can excuse him for trying to fleece a reverse gift out of De Rossi. But even if "Dani" himself realizes that reverse anything is generally a bad idea - reverse mortgage, reverse phone lookup (another bill collector?!), reverse play, reverse pants - I doubt he has the powers to resist Totti's wooing and promises. Although Roma only win the Scudetto once every 20 years, so Totti couldn't have had one of those in mind.

But something great? I do love Pagliacci's Pizza. And also Maseratis. And the Alfa Romeo 8C. And Daniele De Rossi.


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