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Nathaniel Chalobah would prefer a Premier League loan

The Chelsea youngster indicated today that he'd like to play in the Premier League if he doesn't remain with the Blues

Ian Walton

Jose Mourinho hinted that Nathaniel Chalobah will likely be heading on loan this season, despite making the comments that he's already a Chelsea caliber player. Sky Sports had some comments from Chalobah on the matter, indicating a preference for playing in the Premier League this season:

"Chelsea's where I want to be. It's probably best to play around the same level, in the same league."

"The Premier League is probably where I'll be looking to go this year."

"It's up to me and up to the club to find a place for me where I can get a chance to play, because I don't want to go to another Premier League team and sit on the bench."

It sounds like someone was talking to Josh McEachran, doesn't it? Chalobah was impressive enough on loan that he'd certainly get minutes at a Premier League club, but after watching Josh McEachran rot on the Swansea bench, he's wise beyond his years to assure he makes the correct choice.

Chelsea and Chalobah will probably have no shortage of Premier League clubs from which to choose, as Chalobah would almost certainly earn significant minutes at the vast majority of clubs in England. I'd like to see him end up at a club that needs reinforcement in both the midfield and defense, as that would only increase the likelihood that he gets plenty of action.

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