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How much would Rooney actually cost at £30m?

If Chelsea's walk-away point with Manchester United for the Wayne Rooney transfer is £30 million, how much does that mean we're actually willing to spend on him?

Michael Regan

It's difficult to know what's real and what isn't at this time of year. It's especially difficult when the Daily Mail are involved (remember the Juan Mata or David Luiz plus £10 million bid? Yeah). But let's entertain what they have to say and draw our own conclusions.

The paper is reporting that Wayne Rooney is open to a move to Arsenal should Manchester United refuse to sell to Chelsea. That's almost a given, seeing that Rooney seems intent on getting the heck out of town. Of rather more interest, so far as Chelsea are concerned, is the claim that the Blues have set a maximum on Rooney's transfer fee: £30 million.

Let's play with that number. Rooney's making £250,000 a week, but the Times have reported that he'd be willing to take a pay cut to £200,000 a week to move to Chelsea. If so, he would cost the Blues £10.4 million a season in wages, bringing the total expense to £71 million (£18 million per year) for a four year deal or £82 million (£16 million per year) on a five year deal.

Are we comfortable with those sorts of numbers? I don't think I am -- that's an almost Torresian commitment to a player whose world-classness is in some doubt. Chelsea have a much better idea of acceptable finances than I do, but setting a cap at £30 million? I'd walk away at barely half of that. After merrily trolling United, of course.

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