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Chelsea's European earnings dropped almost €20 million during the 2012/13 season

The club made almost €20 million less than they did in their Champions League winning campaign, explaining some of the additional matches they've played this summer

Michael Regan

The total monies distributed in the 2012/13 UEFA competitions have been released, giving us a clearer picture of where exactly Chelsea stand in relation to their peers domestically and throughout Europe. After crashing out in the group stage, the Blues earned just €30,777,000, down from over €60,000,000 in the 2011/12 season.

Here are what the other three English teams in the Champions League earned last season:

Manchester United: €35,555,000

Arsenal: €31,423,000

Manchester CIty: €28,777,000

The Premier League money was more evenly divided than most other leagues, as the two teams earning the most based on how they qualified also happened to be the pair playing the lowest number of games. Seeing all four teams make deeper runs next season should help increase the overall money available, but Chelsea could assure they earn a larger percentage of that money in the future by performing a bit better at the domestic level next season.

Chelsea earned an additional €10,204,878 from their adventures in the Europa League, bringing their total European earnings from this season up to €41,981,878 for the campaign. That marks the second straight season in which they were the top European earners in England, a feat they'll be eager to repeat again next season.

Here are what the other English teams in the Europa League made last season:

Tottenham Hotspur: €5,402,106

Newcastle United: €5,302,106

Liverpool: €5,033,719

It's pretty clear at this point why teams care so much more about the Champions League than they do about Europa. The combined earnings of all three clubs that started the season in Europe's junior varsity competition were only about half of what Manchester City earned to crash out in the group stage for the second straight year.

It's also clear why Chelsea decided to play a pair of postseason friendlies, in addition to a longer slate of preseason games than usual. Even with the extra revenue coming from the Super Cup and the Club World Cup, the Blues were still well short of their earnings from competitions the season prior. With FFP in play now, making up some of that gap is important.

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