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Mourinho: "None of my players is leaving under any circumstances"

Stanley Chou

There've been rumblings all summer that several players might be finding themselves on the outs at Stamford Bridge. They range from the ludicrous -- Juan Mata and David Luiz -- to the more plausible, like Demba Ba. Jose Mourinho's already addressed the first two, but apparently he's bored of being asked about the sell to buy thing and he's dealing with the rest of the rumours in one fell swoop.

The one who sells has to go and buy, then they have to buy to replace, so no club is safe. Until the last minute, a club can go there and 'steal' a player. I don't mean steal a player, but steal the balance that a manager has when he's working with a team. In that aspect, we are ok because we don't have players to sell, so none of my players is leaving under any circumstances. Many teams will be under pressure until the last moment without knowing how the squad is going to be.

-Source: Independent.

He's right, of course. Changing the squad balance at the last minute can be catastrophic, and we actually saw that last year when we lost two midfielders on the last day of the summer and never really recovered from there. The sell-to-buy stories have always been nonsense, and it's good to see Mourinho insisting that nobody's going anywhere. The only departures that look at all likely are the loanees, and sending them away is part of Chelsea's plan.

In essence, this is about being a club that dictates the market rather than one that's dictated to. The Blues are in a good position this summer, with money to spend and no expiring contracts to worry about, and thus can focus on preparing for the next season without any nasty surprises. I like it.

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