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How to motivate young players, by Jose Mourinho

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

I think the myth of Jose Mourinho distrusting the youth is slowly dying out, but this should be another nail in its coffin. The inclusion of Czech defender Tomas Kalas in next year's first-team squad was a surprise to those who insisted that the new manager would be putting all of his faith in veterans, but to me what's more impressive than the fact that he's being given a chance is the way Mourinho's handled the 20-year-old:

It was the first day of training when Mr Mourinho came to me and asked me if I would accept the challenge to be a first-team player and give it everything and, of course, I accepted.

-Source: Guardian.

This is how to motivate someone to run through walls for you. Mourinho could have said 'work hard and impress me and you can be a first teamer', but instead he put the decision in Kalas' hands alone. The kid's not expecting much -- he's hoping for 10-20 games next season, but it's still wonderful to see how the Special One operates.

And if you think we're praising Mourinho too much, sorry. It's not our fault that so far he's saying and doing all the right things.

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