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Lukaku keeps saying all the right things, would welcome Rooney with 'open arms'

Welcome to episode next of the "Romelu Lukaku says the darndest things" show, guest starring Wayne Rooney.

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Stanley Chou

There will come a time when we look back upon the Age of Kraken and reminisce about possibly the most complete center forward not named Edinson Cavani to have ever played the game and how amazing that was for Chelsea. But while Romelu Lukaku has the highest of high ceilings, the question remains for right now whether the dawn of said new age is here yet or not.

Most signs, especially the ones involving a certain rumor from up north, would seem to indicate the latter. And that's quite alright since Lukaku is still just 20 years old* and there's no need to rush things.

* and hopefully not 20 like Falcao is 27 (twenty-"seven").

Better yet, the young Belgian appears to have all the proper attitudes that are required in this situation: humility, confidence, and a willingness to stay the course and work hard. And also a huge wingspan, so he can get his arms around and hug Wayne Rooney just in case Chelsea do end up signing the Manchester United want-away.

"If he [Rooney] is part of our team I will welcome him with open arms. You know when you are playing for a team like Chelsea there is going to be competition. I like competition."

-Source: Telegraph

As Graham (and Jose "I read WAGNH in my iPad" Mourinho) have said before, Rooney's versatility - including the ability to play in tight, congested spaces and a willingness to drop deep in a supporting role - could nicely fill a (fairly large) gap in the squad's repertoire. Dovetail that with Mourinho's earlier comments of wanting to have an alternate tactical plan consisting of a two-striker formation and it's easy to envision Lukaku and Rooney wreaking havoc together on opposition defenses. Does Lukaku think that would be a good idea?

"Obviously, but it is the manager’s choice. You have to accept that you have to work hard to make it a successful squad."

"He is the manager and he has a vision of the way he wants to play. The players have to improve to do that. I certainly have it in me. He is a great manager."

-Source: Telegraph

A manager with all the right moves and a young, hungry, confident center forward with all the right words? I bow down to the unstoppable force of the all-conquering, all-exciting Chelsea-Mourinho Honeymoon Mk II footballing machine!

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