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Mourinho confirms loans for young trio -- but says Chalobah could stay

Stanley Chou

It's funny how some papers tend to bury real news. At the bottom of an article about how much Romelu Lukaku loves Jose Mourinho's management style and competition is this tidbit from the special one, which includes news about three Chelsea players:

Josh McEachran will go on loan and we are thinking of letting Nathaniel Chalobah go for a last season, though he is for sure, a Chelsea player and could be in our squad already.

Of the others, Lucas Piazon will go out, Wallace will go on too because he has no work permit. And while we'd like to keep Bertrand Traore we know he might not get a permit.

-Source: Mirror.

It's not surprising that the trio of McEachran, Piazon and Wallace will go out on loan, but Chalobah's an interesting case. I touched on where he might end up, both positionally and... teammally (definitely not a word) earlier today, and Chelsea could definitely use the help in midfield if Mourinho thinks Chalobah is ready. As for Traore, we'll just have to wait and see.

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