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Schurrle's debut, touch-by-touch

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If you're anything like me, you came away from Andre Schurrle's Chelsea debut a little underwhelmed. I know it's pre-season, but I'd also expect that players who know they have a fight for regular playing time on their hands to pull out all the stops and show their new manager what they can do, like Marko Marin last season. And I didn't see Schurrle setting the world alight out there.

As it turns out, part of that is because I was watching a less-than-quality feed and whenever Schurrle did anything good I mistook him for Kevin de Bruyne. Sorry, Andre. That said, it's not as though Schurrle was amazing, and there are some wince-worthy moments in that collection, but he wasn't nearly as anonymous as I thought he was.

Pre-season's not really the time for serious analysis, mind, so don't take any performance as a reflection of what a player's capable of, good or bad. Instead, for both Marco van Ginkel and Schurrle, just sit back and enjoy the start of their Chelsea stories.