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Marco van Ginkel has met with Jose Mourinho, will decide his future soon

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

With attentions focused elsewhere - I do wonder what Edinson Cavani had for breakfast this morning - it's been all quiet on the Marco van Ginkel front. Fortunately, the BBC has come to our rescue:

The 20-year-old has met Blues boss Jose Mourinho and will return to the Dutch club on Thursday, when discussions will take place about his future.

-Source: BBC

Now that he's met with Mourinho, Schurrle there's only one possible outcome here, right? Resistance is futile, Mourinho shall assimilate you!

Van Ginkel had been away with the Netherlands under-21 football team at the European Championships, then presumably on vacation, so despite all the rumors -- much like the Cavani saga -- real progress has not really been possible so far. However, as training camps across Europe gear up and players return from break, and with the transfer window now officially open as well, we will start seeing more and more transfer movement.

So what might these discussions be centered on? Playing time, of course, which has been a constant theme of this potential deal all along.

Van Ginkel's main concern is over how much first-team football he would get.

-Source: BBC

It's an understandable concern for a young player looking to make an impact not just at club but at national team level, too. Hopefully he has looked into Jose's eyes and seen the future that his talented little midfield heart desires.

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