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Chelsea FC have made a bid for another young talent, according to A Bola

While I'm not a big fan of the source for this rumor, sometimes a target makes enough sense that you pay attention anyway. This is one of those situations.

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According to reports out of Portugal, Chelsea have made an offer for a young player that we have heard they were interested in. According to A Bola:

It's an episode that has the protagonist in Bruma, but this time, with significant changes since what we have been polls and approaches now gives way to a concrete proposal, in the case of Chelsea, of around 15 million euros.

Basically, the almighty English, directed by José Mourinho confirms the rumors of the past few days, in the sense that would be interested in the talent-Portuguese Guinea Sporting.

I actually didn't need to copy that last sentence, but Google Translate just made it impossible to ignore. "The Almighty English" indeed. Sometimes I just love the things that I get using the translator.

As to the actual rumor being published by A Bola, I don't really know what to make of it. Bruma is a fantastic young talent that will almost certainly outgrow Sporting Lisbon in the next season or two, and he fits the recent profile of player Chelsea tend to target almost perfectly. That said, A Bola do seem to jump the gun an awful lot with things like this, and tend to exaggerate exactly how serious the pursuit of Portuguese-based players is with regularity.

I'd be fairly certain we've watched Bruma with regularity, as I'd assume basically all of the top sides throughout Europe have. With the crop of players currently coming through the Sporting academy, a club would have to stupid to be ignoring the Lisbon side.

That said, the fact that A Bola is reporting a bid certainly isn't enough to convince me that there is any sort of concrete offer on the table. While they are reliable enough that the report is worth noting, I'm just not going to buy into it without someone a bit more reliable corroborating the information.

From a timing standpoint, this is pretty ideal though. I'd imagine many of you have yet to see much of the young Portuguese, but you're probably in luck if you want to see him in action. Portugal is still alive in the Fifa U20 World Cup, and takes the pitch against Ghana on Wednesday. That tournament gets pretty good coverage internationally, so there's a very good chance you'll have access to the game wherever you are.

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