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All of Van Ginkel's touches from his Chelsea debut

By and large, Chelsea supporters have been very happy with the club landing young Dutch midfielder Marco van Ginkel, but in case you were in doubt about the wisdom of the move, this is the video for you. At the time, he wasn't particularly-visible during the match, but that's not anything to be worried about. Good midfielders often aren't that obvious about their play.

One of the bigger positives of van Ginkel's game has always been his excellent passing. As you can see in the video, the young Dutchman looks very comfortable on the ball, and his passing range is pretty fantastic. When you consider that this match was both his first Chelsea match and his first pre-season match of the season, that's especially-true. For him to appear so comfortable and competent so soon gives me great hope. He can only really improve from here. Pre-season matches are generally not homes for great play, but van Ginkel has managed it. I can't wait to see him develop this season and in the future at Chelsea!

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