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Juan Mata and David Luiz will stay, says Mourinho

Stanley Chou

We can finally stop listening to those rumours about Juan Mata and David Luiz. The press has been linking the due with moves away from Chelsea all summer, and no matter how lunatic they might be there's been enough chat that people have been taking them seriously -- culminating in yesterday's nonsense about how one of them would be swapped (with cash) for Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney. That has, apparently, finally gotten the club to speak up:

That's what you'd say if you were planning to sell them, of course, but it's also what you might say if you definitely weren't planning on selling them, and considering the duo's importance to the team I remain firmly convinced that Chelsea haven't ever seriously considered getting rid of either player. There have been murmurings that both David Luiz and Mata have been upset by the rumours, and I hope -- although I don't expect -- that this will be the end of the media repeating their standard nonsense.

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