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Lampard absence due to Achilles discomfort

Thananuwat Srirasant

Frank Lampard didn't play at all yesterday despite being scheduled to work the first half, which meant he had either picked up an injury or was being held out of the match to prevent him from turning a tweak into a full-blown problem. The latter is better, and it turns out that's what happened:

He was feeling discomfort on his Achilles, so we decided he wouldn't play. In competition you have to risk sometimes; in pre-season, no. The worst thing that can happen is an injury while taking a risk.

-Jose Mourinho. Source: Sky Sports.

It sounds like he'll be back in training this week. Obviously, at Lampard's age injuries are something to be very concerned about (and with Michael Essien notoriously prone to having his knee explode, Chelsea's depth is still something of a worry in midfield), but it sounds as though everything's being handled just fine. As Mourinho says, preseason is no time to push things.

There, I made it through a post talking about an Achilles issue without making a terrible Iliad joke. Isn't everyone proud of me?

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