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Video: Kevin De Bruyne vs. Singha All-Star XI

Chelsea were back on the pitch Wednesday, not too far removed after last kicking a ball in semi-anger in those hipsterish post-season friendlies vs. Manchester City. Of course, two months is still a fair bit of time for professional athletes to lose rhythm, coordination, and fitness, so whatever we saw from the Blues vs. Singha All-Star XI was far from a finished product.

Except for one Kevin De Bruyne.

We've heard rumors of De Bruyne's awesomeness from across the way in Germany, but outside of a few cameo appearances in last summer's tour of the USA, we had yet to properly see it in Chelsea blue. Until now.

I'm happy to report that everything is as advertised, minus the part where he looked like he had just jumped in the pool (thanks, Thailand weather!). Here, there, and everywhere; left, right, and center; dropping deep, running into the box; long-range passing, short-range passing; creating for himself, creating for others; free kicks, corners; powerful shots, measured passes; he had it all.


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