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Poll: Wayne Rooney to Chelsea, Yea or Nay?

With Chelsea confirming a bid for Manchester United's Wayne Rooney, we want to know what you think about the England striker's potential move to Chelsea.

Alex Livesey

Over the last few months, we've all seen the idea of Wayne Rooney joining Chelsea this summer grow from just another useless transfer rumour based on nothing but his unhappiness at United and friendship with Ashley Cole to a legitimate transfer story to today, where we've seen a bid confirmed by the club. It's easy to see the potential positives in the deal, but also the very real risks. I imagine it's a somewhat-difficult idea to wrap one's head around, really.

On his best day, Wayne Rooney is nigh-unplayable, but he's got a taste for the odd unhealthy habit, and isn't the most-dedicated player around when Colleen accidentally leaves his grumpy switch engaged before she lets him out of the house. Add to that wages befitting only his best days, and you're left with another major transfer embarrassment for Chelsea. It's highly-debatable whether there's anybody who can tame Rooney and keep him focused and motivated on the game, Sir Alex Ferguson has failed a number of times, actually.

If there's anyone remotely-likely to get him back, though, Jose Mourinho has got to be near the top of the list. Unlike previous problematic striker transfers, the manager seems to actually want the player involved, which must count for something. It suggests he's got a plan for him, and a genuine will to get him firing again. It's an expensive gamble, though. Hopefully, if it must be done, it can be done cheaply, but for some of you, I'm sure it's akin to high treason. We want to know: How do you feel about the potential of seeing Wayne Rooney finally complete his long-rumoured switch to West London?

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