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Mourinho agrees: "Rooney or bust"

Laurence Griffiths

The Wayne Rooney plot thickens! After a day of rumour, counter-rumour and then a club statement confirming that Chelsea are bidding for the ridiculously expensive England international. And now there's this from Jose Mourinho.

Mou's also confirmed that there was a bid and that no Chelsea players were involved, but that's kind of secondary to this one. 'Rooney or bust' is the sort of attitude that gets us in trouble, because there are plenty of perfectly reasonable centre forward options running around and going all in on one of them will just mean we end up overpaying (though not to the stupid degree mentioned in earlier rumours). He could be being cheeky here, though.

Meanwhile, Manchester United executive Ed Woodward has just flown home early from the club's tour in order to conduct some urgent transfer business. Make of that what you will -- for me it means there'll probably be a meeting on this tomorrow or Friday.

This is delightfully mad, if nothing else.

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