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Chelsea confirm Rooney offer

Clive Brunskill

Surprise surprise. Chelsea have confirmed that they've bid for Wayne Rooney -- but deny that that bid included either David Luiz or Juan Mata. Or any other Chelsea player, for that matter. That rather scuppers the idiotic reports that have been floating around all day about a supposed 10 million plus one of David Luiz and Mata offer that was 'immediately rejected' by Manchester United. Here's the statement:

This makes a lot more sense. We know the Blues are interested in Rooney (and now they've confirmed it, which is interesting enough on its own), but that their first bid would have been so utterly stupid so as to include one of their two core players seemed utter nonsense.

Leaving aside the controversy over the supposed player exchange, the fact that we're confirming a bid is big news. My feeling is that United lied to the press to annoy Chelsea and force them to go public, something they really don't like doing. Fair play, I suppose -- but this is an important reminder not to trust everything that's filtered through football journalists. They're not so good at figuring fact from fiction.

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