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Wayne Rooney and the craziest rumour yet

Laurence Griffiths

Silly season has taken a sillier-than-usual turn today. According to several outlets, including the BBC, Chelsea have opened the bidding for Wayne Rooney. That in itself isn't too strange -- Rooney's unsettled, Chelsea need a striker, blah blah blah. We should be expecting the Blues to ask around.

This is what's strange:

Chelsea are understood to have offered £10m in cash plus a player, thought to be either Juan Mata or David Luiz, in part exchange for the 27-year-old.

United immediately rejected the offer and left Chelsea in no doubt as to their position on the matter.

-Source: BBC.

This is incredible, because thanks to wages/talent both David Luiz and Juan Mata are worth more than Wayne Rooney. Significantly more, in the latter's case. If United actually got an offer of 10 million plus Mata for Rooney, Rooney would already be a Chelsea player and their board would be wetting themselves in glee. And a David Luiz swap would only be slightly less mirth-inducing. Are our journalist friends even thinking about what they write?

Frankly, if I were Chelsea, I'd be bidding £10 million. Or £20 plus Torres. I'd much rather have either player mentioned in this transfer scoop than Rooney, for next season and beyond.

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