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Mourinho confirms there are more transfers coming... or does he?

Richard Heathcote

Buried away in a Daily Mail story that's rather inexplicably headlined 'Mourinho ready to spend big as Chelsea boss refuses to rule out move for Rooney' is a rather interesting quote from the man himself. Jose, not Wayne:

By August 31 you will see somebody come in to improve our squad but my focus is to work with these guys.

Wow! Confirmation that there will be transfers! That's pretty exciting, right? Normally, you'd expect a coach to dodge the question, to say that they'll go in for players if they deem it necessary after evaluating the squad or something similar. This time, Mourinho just confirms that Chelsea will be adding to the team.

Except... not so fast. A more trustworthy source has the same quote... but in not quite the same form.

Notice a couple of key words omitted/changed from the Mail's version? Normally, having quotes slightly off isn't such a big deal, because they don't change the meaning, but dropping 'if' and 'can' switches a conditional to an absolute and completely destroys the syntax behind the quote.

When we can't even trust quotes in major papers, we're in real trouble so far as staying informed goes.

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