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Chelsea 40th most valuable sports team in the world, say Forbes

Martin Rose

Normally these list things are just grubbing for page views, but at least Forbes' lists are grubbing for Forbes page views. There's some legitimacy there, or something. Anyway, every year Forbes do a list of the world's most valuable sports teams, and as Chelsea are one of the world's most valuable sports teams, we show up on there all the time. With Real Madrid in first, Manchester United in second and Barcelona in third, how high do we make it? Er... 40th.

Granted, I think we all know that the Blues aren't quite as valuable as United or the La Liga duopoly, but 40th seems quite low. Ignoring the other sports, we're behind Arsenal (10th), Bayern Munich (12th) and AC Milan (37th). When you look at the reported sums, the gap isn't quite as big -- Chelsea are worth $902 million while Arsenal are at $1.3 billion -- but something still feels a little off to me. That said, I'm a layman Chelsea supporter and Forbes are neutral experts in assessing value, so we can probably chalk up any dissent on my part to bias.


PS: Anyone surprised that elite football teams are trying to emulate NFL franchises? Wow.

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