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Feyenoord get some money off the Jeffrey Bruma transfer -- but how much?

Martin Rose

Remember how Chelsea were going to be paid €3 million by PSV Eindhoven after the Jeffrey Bruma transfer went through yesterday? Not (quite) so fast. There's still some other accounting to do here.

Bruma, if you'll recall, was acquired by the Blues from Feyenoord in 2007, and apparently they had a sell-on clause that means they get some money from his subsequent transfer. According to De Telegraaf, between the Leroy Fer (who just went to Norwich from Twente) and Bruma sales, Feyenoord have come away with €800,000. That's not so bad for them, considering that they haven't been involved with either player in years.

But, at risk of offending any dual fans who've found this site, we care about Chelsea, not Feyenoord, and the important question for us is how much the club owes as a result of the Bruma deal. We're going to have to make an educated guess on this one.

We have three figures at hand. Bruma sold for €3 million, Fer for close to €5 million, and finally the €800,000 that Feyenoord are getting back. That looks suspiciously like ten percent of each sale to Feyenoord, so I think it's safe to assume that we're losing about €300,000 -- or seven days, five hours and 23 minutes of Wayne Rooney -- on Bruma's transfer deal. Not a huge deal, of course, but still reasonably significant.

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