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Schwarzer 'completes set of goalkeepers'

Matt King

Just in case you were looking for Jose Mourinho to comment on the goalkeeper situation, here is Jose Mourinho commenting on the goalkeeper situation:

Mark is what we need. I always thought, even when I was not at Chelsea, that we have we have the best keeper in the world in Petr.

But we need competition for him, motivation for him, security and I think Schwarzer is perfect for that.

He has experience, has spent his whole career in the Premier League, so it's his national habitat. Getting Mark on a free transfer, we have the goalkeeper to complete our set of goalkeepers.

-Source: Sky Sports.

Ostensibly these quotes are about Mark Schwarzer coming in to be Petr Cech's backup, which should have been pretty obvious to everyone, but the throwaway bit at the end might be more interesting. 'We have the goalkeeper to complete our set of goalkeepers.'

Normally, Chelsea will use three goalkeepers. With Petr Cech and Mark Schwarzer, that makes two. And from there I think we can probably infer that somehow, someway, Hilario is still with the team. Why we're using two international slots on a pair of backup keepers is a bit beyond me. How Hilario is still playing with the team is beyond me too. His contract was supposed to have expired but Chelsea never confirmed his release. He's still up on the team list. This is mysterious and rather odd.

Anyway. Goalkeeper set complete. Yay?

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