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Chelsea to subsidise travelling supporters

Paul Gilham

After the public relations disaster that was the end of 2012, Chelsea have been taking steps to make up for their missteps with the supporters. Frank Lampard was re-signed. Jose Mourinho was brought back. And now this, which in financial terms is probably the nicest gesture of all: Subsidised away travel.

Specifically, Chelsea are going to help the supporters out when they have to travel long distances for Premier League games. In the announcement on the official site, four games have been singled out, all involving lengthy trips -- Everton, Manchester United, Newcastle and Sunderland. As to why the Manchester City and Liverpool away games haven't been mentioned, I'm not quite sure, but both are in the second half of the season and just might not have been announced yet.

No matter what, this is a good gesture. Travelling supporters are a big part of the club, and with the expense involved in following a football team around, I'm sure that every little bit helps. I haven't heard of other English teams doing this, so good for Chelsea for showing some appreciation and lending a hand to their most dedicated supporters.

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