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Bruma agent confirms Chelsea bid -- but it's not the highest Sporting have received

Stock photo!
Stock photo!
Paul Gilham

It's Bruma day on We Ain't Got No History, apparently. Stuff keeps leaking out about the 18-year-old Sporting Lisbon winger -- inconsequential things like his agent accusing the club of trying to kidnap him, for example -- and there's more news below. I bet you've already guessed what it is from the title.

There's no reason not to believe that tidbit is false, considering that everyone's been talking about Chelsea sniffing around the youngster. €2 million seems entirely reasonable, especially considering that Bruma's fallen out with his club. €8 million, however, is rather less palatable, and with Galatasaray in the mix*, it's no guarantee that Chelsea can land Bruma even if the situation with Sporting is as bad as it sounds.

*Rumblings abound that Benfica and Porto are interested as well.

Even if this news doesn't exactly mean we're in pole position to buy, it does confirm that the Blues are interested in picking him up And well they might be. He's a very good young player and has both potential and time on his side. Chelsea's interest is real, and Blues fans should be following the story closely.

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