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Bruma agent claims Sporting fans 'tried to kidnap' his client

Mike Hewitt

As more news about Bruma comes in about Portugal, the situation is rapidly becoming... well, weirder. To summarise: the 18-year-old, the best prospect Sporting Lisbon have produced since a chap named Cristiano Ronaldo, and his club are currently embroiled in a dispute over when his contract actually ends. Bruma and his agents are claiming that his contract has expired; Sporting disagree. And now... this is happening:

We've gone from 'contract dispute' to 'trying to kidnap Bruma' in just a few short steps. This saga's getting a wee bit mad, and I'm not sure what the end game is, from either side. If Bruma is trying to froce his way out, there are easier ways of doing it, and even if Sporting win this case it's difficult to see them wanting to retain a player who so very publicly wants out.

But seriously, accusations of attempted kidnap? This is absurd.

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