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Didier Drogba keeps on doing extraordinary things

Laurence Griffiths

Didier Drogba's a pretty great guy, and I love seeing headlines that talk about how great he is. You can't go far wrong with "Didier Drogba Vows To Build Five Hospitals In His Homeland," after all:

The gala held in London helped us raise $2 billion CFA francs ($4 million). The other 500 million francs ($1 million) will no longer be a problem to see this project come to reality, which has been Drogba’s greatest heart desire.

Drogba Foundation secretary Guy Roland Tannoh. Source: Afrikan Soccer.

How many people's greatest desires involve building childrens' hospitals? I'm pretty sure that my current 'greatest desire' involves a cup of tea and a sausage roll*. Admittedly, Drogba has the money to realise rather grander dreams, but many would rather spend that money on themselves rather than do something to help the rest of humanity. Tennis stars take note.

*Two sausage rolls if I'm feeling greedy.

That Drogba's so driven to help people out is one more reason to love him. Not that Chelsea fans were likely to need more reasons.

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