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Napoli stand firm on Cavani as Chelsea reject a player-exchange

You're not going to believe who Napoli asked for in exchange for Edinson Cavani.

Adore me!
Adore me!
Giuseppe Bellini

While we were all busy watching our Belgian talents - especially Kevin De Bruyne - put on a show, the Chelsea front office were busy carrying on their chase for Edinson Cavani.

Fortunately, Tancredi Palmeri, the MVP of Silly Season, is here to make sure we're in the loop:

Earlier today, we had reports from Mediaset that Chelsea put in a cash-only bid and this now confirms it. Unfortunately Napoli are so far standing firm on €63m for the striker extraordinaire.

But as we saw with the rumored player-exchange offer with cash plus Fernando Torres, Napoli may yet consider more creative offers than cold, hard cash. In fact:

Apparently Napoli asked for Ramires in return. Yeah, that's funny. I assume we had a good laugh about that one, after all Fridays must be National Joke Days in Italy, like every day is National Donut Day in America.

And so we wait for the next move.

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