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Hazard wants to score 50 goals for Mourinho

Michael Steele

I guess you can't deny that Eden Hazard's an ambitious sort of guy. Following the conclusion of a season in which he combined with Juan Mata and Oscar to form a terrifying, defence mauling Cerberus, Hazard might be forgiven for being satisfied with his first year in England. Nope!

This season I gave a lot of assists but next season I want to score more goals … I want to score 50 or 60 like [Lionel] Messi or [Cristiano] Ronaldo. I lack that killer instinct. Messi and Ronaldo are born to score, it's in their nature but I still choose the nice dribble or the beautiful pass too often. I have to shoot more.

Source: Guardian.

There's also some stuff about Jose Mourinho in that link -- Hazard, for example, confirms what we've long suspected: Mou possesses all the limbs normally present in human beings -- but for me the interesting stuff is his drive to get better. I love it when players welcome competition to even get a place in the side, and Hazard has the potential to reach the absolute pinnacle of the game, so long as he works for it. It doesn't sound as though that will be a problem.

Will fifty goals happen? No, probably not, if only because La Liga's far easier to score in than the Premier League. But I love that he's going to try.

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