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On Jose Mourinho's role and lazy transfer rumors

The tabloid media will be exploding with stupid transfer stories now that Jose Mourinho has returned to Chelsea, and there will certainly be clear patterns in the ones they've just made up

Clive Mason

Now that Chelsea have a manager, the focus of the media will shift to players that the club are attempting to bring in. Many outlets will do a lazy, mostly half-assed job of it though, and there will certainly be some laughable stuff out there. With that in mind, we've decided to list some of the lazier narratives so that we can better filter out the trash.

Jose Mourinho and "total control"

Jose Mourinho will certainly have a larger say than his predecessor when the Blues go shopping for players, but he will most definitely not be the only person involved. Roman Abramovich has shown since his first go-around with the special one that he wanted more involvement from the non-coaching staff, and Michael Emenalo has done a generally fine job in that regard since taking over for Frank Arnesen several years ago. There's no reason to think that things have changed now, just because Mourinho has returned.

Jose Mourinho's "system"

One of the surefire ways to lend credibility to a rumor is to point out that a player fits Mourinho's "system". This sort of thing would work well with the guy that just left, as he's clearly a system guy that doesn't alter his tactics to suit his players. Mourinho is different though, and that can be seen at each of his last four stops.

Between Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid, there are definitely comparisons to be made. His squads were all very compact when not in possession, and were very direct on the counter-attack. That's really where the comparison ends though, as the basic shape and focal point of the attack were different at every one of his clubs. Mou adapts his tactics to best suit the players at hand, he's not a guy the relies on finding players for his "system".

Jose Mourinho and former players

Like all managers, Mourinho has his players that he likes and those that he doesn't. He's shown some willingness in the past to re-acquire players that he coached at other clubs, but he's never actually broke the bank to sign a player whose club wanted to keep hold of them.

He pushed hard to sign one Frank Lampard back in the day, but that was still while the midfielder was at his world class best. That's also the only time I can remember him making a serious push to acquire an expensive player he'd worked with in the past. Looking at the actual reunion signings that he's made, they've generally been guys that other clubs have cast off.

Jose Mourinho "demanded"

The tabloids will almost certainly run some stories in the next 48 hours explaining that Mourinho "demanded" certain players be bought in order to return to the club. It was about one hour from the time he walked into Cobham this morning until the announcement was made that he'd re-joined the club, and in that time he also managed to record an interview. I seriously doubt he spent his remaining minutes haggling over what players he'd like to see purchased, as I'm sure there were other more pressing matters being discussed instead. He'll have input, but the concept that he demanded certain acquisitions in order to take the job is just stupid.

Jose Mourinho "doesn't rate"

This one is already popping up all over the place, and in most cases it's just ridiculous. Looking at Mourinho's past, it's clear that he doesn't make conclusions about his players before he actually spends some time with them in training. In six months he'll certainly have identified some players he'd like to see moved, but less than 24 hours into his second tenure, it's hard to believe that he's made these sorts of judgements. Writing stories about players he'd already decided to sell before he'd officially signed with Chelsea gets page views, but they're pretty clearly made up.

Jose Mourinho doesn't believe in youth

Ask Petr Cech, John Obi Mikel, Arjen Robben, Davide Santon, Mario Balotelli, or Rafael Varane if Mourinho is unwilling to trust a young player with loads of responsibility. Over the past decade, Mourinho has managed several of the deepest sides in Europe, and all three of those clubs had generally barren academies for him to work with. When given an elite young player, he's not shown any hesitation to use them.

It's going to be a busy summer, and the squad will likely see quite a few additions before all is said and done. As always though, the majority are likely to come out of nowhere as opposed to being players we've been linked to for several months.

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