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Chelsea players react on Twitter to Jose Mourinho's return

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Thanks to Twitter - when it works - we have access to the deepest, darkest secrets of professional footballers. And also, to their adulation of The Special One.

Laurence Griffiths

Not sure if you heard the news but Jose Mourinho has returned to "his" Chelsea. This time, in his final form, he's more than just a manager, he's a fan as well.

The reaction of the fans has been one of almost unilateral elation, unbridled excitement, and endless relief. But how have the Chelsea players reacted? To the Twitter mobile!

Future legend, Nathaniel Chalobah:

Champions League winner, Ryan Bertrand:

Another prodigal son, Michael Essien:

The fourth Brazilian, Lucas Piazon:

Twitter star, Milan Lalkovic:

Youth striker prospect, Patrick Bamford:

Future loanee, Billy Clifford:

Oft-injured youngster, Danny Pappoe:

Ex-Chelsea greatest name, Nortei Nortey:

Ex-Chelsea wannabe star, Jody Morris:

Welcome back, Special One.