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Officially official: Jose Mourinho returns to become Chelsea's manager

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Both Jose Mourinho and Chelsea have decided to correct the mistake they made in 2007, as the Special One has returned to the club

Denis Doyle

It's been the worst kept secret in the world that Chelsea and Jose Mourinho were going to get back together for this season, but the deal is finally done and dusted. Chelsea FC have announced today that Jose Mourinho will be returning to Chelsea, to take over the vacant managerial role created when we allowed our interim manager to depart for Serie A.

Mourinho will reportedly be joining the club on a 4-year contract, and for the first time since we originally signed on the special one, I think there's an actual chance of the manager seeing out the entirety of his contract with Chelsea. The official press conference will be held next Monday, June 10, 2013.

The Mourinho signing also probably means the return of Michael Essien for next season, as the Bison is a favorite of Mourinho's last season at Real Madrid. Any bad blood between the club and player over the way he was handled last season has likely been wiped out by the decision to bring back Mou. The midfield just got a little deeper, even if we could still use a bit more talent in that department.