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A short summary of Marko Marin's Chelsea career

Ian Walton

Marko Marin departed Chelsea much as he arrived, not with a bang but with an entirely appropriate whimper. The German will spend next year with Sevilla, and although we could see him at the Bridge again in a year's time, the odds of that aren't really great. But even a season as short as Marin's deserves celebrating. I asked the rest of the We Ain't Got No History crew to join me in immortalising his career to date with the Blues. Here's what they said.

* * *


Who's Marko Marin again?


He successfully willed himself to grow 0.003 cm taller, oh, and filed his taxes on time.


Contrary to popular belief, Marin was actually quite busy last year writing the first two chapters of his autobiography: "There and Back to the Bench Again" and "The Desolation of German Messi."


I gave up on my imaginary friends during adolescence, if you're still struggling to do so with this 'Marko Marin' character, you should probably seek professional help.



A contender for the most pointless signing ever, closely rivalled by Mineiro.


"The German Messi" How bad is this recession?!


Quickly turning from Pippin to Fatty Bolger.


Hey look listen look hey hey hey hey look listen hamstring hey hey.

* * *

Good luck at Sevilla little buddy!

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