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Van Ginkel deal not cut-and-dried like previously suggested

For a seemingly straightforward deal between a parent and feeder club, this one sure is taking it's own sweet time.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

A couple of days ago, we had word from Marco van Ginkel's agent Karel Jansen, where he was apparently depicted as having spoken of discussions between himself and new Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, suggesting the exchange had been positive, and that a deal in the coming days was closer than ever.

If that got your hopes up, it's probably a better idea to tone them down for the time being, as Jansen himself has stepped forward to deny quotes previously attributed to him, and has added a few words to clear the air.

Nothing is sure. There is interest but it is not the time for all parties to say something about it. A lot of things are being said and written and it’s a bit chaotic. From our side we are just keeping quiet and we will see what happens.”

And that isn't the whole of it. There have been murmurs about Chelsea's original offer, which was in the region of £8m, having been rejected by Vitesse, with the Dutch side prepared to take their chances as they hold out for something closer to £15m, nearly twice the figure sources have thus far been running with.

Regardless, while the transfer itself isn't any closer to completion, the agent remains optimistic; plus, in what is surely the most certain indicator of how this ordeal will conclude, the player's Vitesse teammate Theo Janssen has divulged the following:

“It’s the plan that he’ll join the Chelsea squad, learn a lot and play on a regular basis. It all looks very positive but he must make his own decision. I told him that opportunities like this don’t come that often and, if you get a chance like this, then you must do it.”

“If he thinks he’s ready for the next step, then he must do it. I think he is ready but the step to Chelsea is very big."

So even though Jansen rendered the quotes from earlier a bit redundant, Janssen's stepped in to save the day, offering thoughts even more assertive and firm instead. It wouldn't be wholly incorrect to say for a deal that should've been no more than a formality given the relationship the two clubs enjoy, the negotiation phase for this one has gone on longer than most would've expected. Nevertheless, the intent to see the deal through to completion on the parts of both agent and player remains unaltered, which is great because ultimately, that counts for a lot.

Further affirmation, if any more were needed, that Van Ginkel's potential acquisition is aimed at adding numbers to and reinforcing the midfield for the current season, rather than part of some obscure five or seven year plan. How dare Mourinho add youthful exuberance to the stuttering Chelsea juggernaut?!

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