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Confederations Cup of Life: Spain vs. Italy / Thursday Open Thread

Oh, Gigi
Oh, Gigi
Claudio Villa

This worked out pretty nicely for FIFA, these Confederations Cup semifinals. With nations from the same confederation matching on either side of the bracket, they could rest assured that the final would end up as a contest between the two traditional heavyweights as far as continents go.

Yesterday, on the South American side of the bracket, we saw Brazil emerge triumphant over rival Uruguay and their collection of eleven Edinson Cavanis. Or did it just seem like El Matador was everywhere? In either case, Brazil now await the winner of this one, a rematch of last year's Euro 2012 final.

Back then, just like today, Spain were the favorites and ran out of easy 4-0 winners. Considering Italy's less than convincing play so far at this tournament, a similar scoreline and another Fernando Torres goal is not out of the question. How do you say "not in the face!" in Italian?


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