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Torres: 'Things are getting back to normal for me'

Jasper Juinen

Fernando Torres has been doing well. He's been keeping his head down and scoring goals, admitting that he expects more from himself, and generally doing the things I'd hope for from a disappointing big purchase who still has something to give the club.

And then this happens:

In the end I think it is people who remember my first year at Chelsea, which was not good, rather than the current situation. I am happy with how I’m playing even though I am very demanding. Things are getting back to normal for me.

-Source: Marca.

I think everyone knows that despite the fact that last season was Torres' best in a Chelsea shirt it wasn't really very good by any objective standard. Certainly, it left something to be desired on the cost-benefit front. But you know what? It was an improvement, and since I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I hope Torres feels less pressure this season, I'm going to let this slide. If Torres is comfortable, he'll hopefully play better. So I'm glad he's feeling better about himself, even if he's nowhere near the player he was five years ago.

That said, if he chills out, feels less pressure and still doesn't perform, ugh.

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