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Edinson Cavani annoyed and disappointed with De Laurentiis's "real man" taunts

Brother Hamsik agrees.
Brother Hamsik agrees.
Dino Panato

Sometimes when you joke and taunt, some feelings may get hurt. Especially when egos are involved. For example:

"Le dichiarazioni del presidente sono state pesanti e molto forti. Mi dispiace molto. Ora voglio parlarci faccia a faccia..."

-Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport

Those are the words of Edinson Cavani, speaking to reporters after the Uruguay vs. Tahiti match at the Confederations Cup. He's responding to De Laurentiis's comments on Radio RAI where, in an ironic tone, he basically called out the striker to be a "real man" and settle this saga already.

If we plug Cavani's words into Google Translate, we get the following:

The statements by the president were heavy and very strong. I'm very sorry. Now I want to talk face to face ...

While his sorry could be interpreted that he's sorry about the whole thing and takes it back and promises to buy flowers every day for the next week and also do the dishes and finally organize the garage like he promised a month ago, I think we'll go with the opposite interpretation. It is what the Italian headlines intimate as well, judging Cavani's reaction as "annoyed" and "disappointed."

I may be clutching at straws here but I think this is good news for Chelsea (and anybody else interested in Cavani's services). While ADL does strike me as a man who easily and often rubs people the wrong way - so this may not be the first (or last) time he and Edinson had to have a little heart-to-heart - upsetting your talisman striker in the middle of transfer season may not be the greatest idea. If you're planning on keeping him that is.

With Uruguay progressing to the Confederations Cup semifinals, any potential face-to-face would presumably have to wait until after Wednesday (so root for Brazil, if you weren't already). So here's to a little bit more than a tiny bit of progress, even though, as we had presumed before, all signs point to this thing not getting any proper resolution until after the FIFA mandated summer exhibition.

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