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Marca continue to antagonise Chelsea with nonsensical reporting

Haters gonna write silly stuff
Haters gonna write silly stuff
Richard Heathcote

I've never had much faith in the profession of journalism, but I'm losing what little I possessed thanks to the concerted assault by the good people of Spain on Chelsea Football Club. Here's the latest nonsense from Marca, who managed to get Cesar Azpilicueta to comment about the possibility of Juan Mata leaving. In past tense:

We would miss him a lot. He has been decisive during the last two seasons at Chelsea. He was a key player for us. I wish him the best.

First of all, Azpilicueta needs to be fined a couple of weeks wages for even thinking about saying that. Secondly, Marca really do deserve to be wiped off the face of the planet. They've been pushing a series of nonsense stories for weeks because they're in a hissy fit that Jose Mourinho didn't like them, and now they're baiting Chelsea players into saying stupid things just so they can be published.

"He was a key player for us. I wish him the best." [Fun] you guys. [Fun] you guys so hard.

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