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Haters Gonna Hate: Chelsea voted most hated club in Premier League

I wish I could give this fan poll four thumbs down.

Mike Hewitt

Top of the league! Not so much.

Chelsea, it was revealed today, were rock bottom in the table of the Premier League's most loved football clubs. More than 6,000 football fans contributed to this poll, no doubt administered by a host of people with far too much time on their hands.

Swansea City were the big winners here, loved by more than 60 percent of those polled. Kevin's West Bromwich Albion (60.4%) were second, followed by Norwich City (59.6%), Everton (59.2%) and Southampton (56%).

Arsenal were midtable (54%), while Manchester City (51.4%) was 12th. Stoke City (45%), Manchester United (42.8%) and, of course, Chelsea, with 41.6 percent, occupied the relegation places. Fun.

Chelsea? Hated? Nah.

Nothing like a swell of trophies and a John Terry to make the public seethe. However, there were probably other factors involved as well - namely foreign ownership, bags of money being bandied around and an ever-revolving managerial carousel.

This could be construed as troublesome if you wanted to care at all about an insignificant poll likely conducted under controlled circumstances, mostly in terms of extending our brand to the far reaches of the universe. But, me, I'm inclined to simply laugh.

I wonder what Roman thinks of this. Oh yeah, he doesn't care. Just like we don't. Count those trophies *****.

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