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Chelsea fans are not the only ones frustrated by the Edinson Cavani soap opera

Maurizio Lagana

Will he? Won't he?

How about now?


How about ...


... now?

It's only June, but it feels like the Edinson Cavani saga has gone for a lifetime and a half already. Seemingly hung up over just a few million - which is odd considering the yachtloads of money that will change hands regardless of exact final price - from a non-insider's perspective it's all getting a bit tiresome.

And Chelsea fans are not the only ones frustrated. Presumably, fans' of others teams bidding for the striker's signature - i.e. Real Madrid and Manchester City fans - are in a similar boat. But let's not forget that this can't be feeling all that great if you're a Napoli fan either. After all, they actually like their leading goalscorer!

To wit:

That's a picture of a banner that appeared in Naples on Wednesday, proof of emotions being pushed to the limit.

Google Translate-o-matic gives it as "Cavani give us a straight, let us rejoice ... go in a hurry!" So basically, Cavani, make up your [funning] mind; either stay and let the fans rejoice or get out already.

In addition to the potential pain of losing one of their heroes, the Cavani saga is also apparently holding up many of the club's summer dealings, not in the least with regards to the hunt for a replacement striker if the Uruguayan does end up leaving. Napoli's rumored targets, including the likes of Dries Mertens, Alessandro Matri, or Mario Gomez, won't wait around forever.

With both Chelsea and Napoli properly incentivized to get this transfer done, and get it done soonish, hopefully we'll see some actual news from this meeting that is supposed to take place today (or supposed to have taken place yesterday).

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