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If Chelsea want van Ginkel, they'll have to offer him a chance of real playing time

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

When Chelsea were first linked with Vitesse midfielder Marco van Ginkel, I assumed that the plan would be to take the 20-year-old midfielder out of the Eredivisie and move him into a superior league for a year or so rather than throw him straight into the first team. After all, the Dutch league is well behind the Bundesliga or the Premier League, so excelling at home didn't necessarily mean that van Ginkel was ready to take the step up.

Apparently that's not the plan at all. Or, at least, if it is the plan then it's not going to work. According to the press in Holland, van Ginkel wants Jose Mourinho to sell him on the Chelsea project -- and guarantee him a serious chance at playing time with the Blues. Google translate... go!

If the new Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho in the coming days Marco van Ginkel can convince that he is a serious chance this season to get much playing time in the main body of the London club's chances are that the Orange International to the Premier League moves.


Van Ginkel know he may require, no basic place but the club must make clear what plans are there with him. The player will not be lent, because he wants to get. Playing at the highest level He has over 100 games in the league and partly at European / international level behind.

(Any better translations are welcome. Dutch is not among my one languages.)

So, long story short, all van Ginkel wants is a chance to show his stuff at Chelsea rather than a boatload of cash (yet). He certainly has the potential to make a difference, and I appreciate the confidence, but I'm reminded of Romelu Lukaku's wasted season -- he made similar claims before struggling at Stamford Bridge, and has only blossomed after going on loan.

I don't think van Ginkel is as raw as Lukaku was, and this isn't really bad news, per se (it would mean an immediate upgrade to midfield depth), but it does make the transfer a little less attractive for me. Van Ginkel is one for the future, and the midfield needs heavy reinforcement right now. Adding another first-team player to the mix would mean that the cavalry is less likely to arrive.

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