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David Luiz talks about PSG, but should we really worry?

Alex Livesey

With the sheer number of players and training camps In Brazil due to the ongoing Confederations Cup right now, if there's one fraternity that's having a heck of a time, it's journalists. Indeed, hardly a day goes by when we aren't awoken to a yet another bunch of appraising or covetous quotes by players about potential suitors, seemingly spun out of context to fuel a fire where there shouldn't be one.

We've already been, and quite possibly, will be compelled to tolerate senseless 'David Luiz to Barcelona' rumours till the end of the window, but just in case that doesn't fit your fancy, the rumour-mill churned out a slightly altered iteration of the same rumour, this time linking the Brazilian Buccaneer* to ultra rich PSG.

Just like the last one, this one too, as expected, had no legs, and as such should've ben shot down in short order. Which it would've. If it weren't for this:

Oh David.

*I'm hoping it'll catch on. It probably won't. : (

Anyway, for the sake of suppressing hysteria, let's do a quick recap of the facts on the ground.

Leverage Chelsea has:

  • The player himself tied down on a long-term contract
  • Above average salary, which can easily be increased if need be
  • Desire to retain the only potentially world-class CB in the squad
  • The lure of playing in one of the best, most challenging leagues in the world
  • The chance to play, learn and improve under one of the best, most experienced managers in the modern game
  • An ever-burgeoning Brazilian/Portuguese-speaking contingent to play (and do fun stuff) alongside

Leverage PSG has:

  • More money
  • Swag**

Which brings us to a rather simple conclusion. Chelsea have absolutely no need to, and will not, under any circumstances, contemplate selling David Luiz in this transfer window, and that any potential suitors, no matter what they worth, hold no power over either player or club.

**Caution: False

So relax. Screw PSG and lame rumours. Let's just 'enjoy the life' and #behappy.

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