Pundit time! What do we believe the new season will bring? Make us guess now and hold us to account come June 2014!

The Forum is full of people laying claim to have foreseen everything from the sacking of #16 to the return of the Special One well in advance. And maybe they did pull off a Paul the Octopus. There's really no way to tell today, unless we'd be bothered to dig through all their posts on matters such as whether the fortunes of Torres would be improving by September 2012 or whether Chelsea were going to relocate to Battersea.

But you could make everyone fill out a questionaire, couldn't you, and then run like a competition as to who got the most rights at the end of the season?

Suggested questions:

  • What will be Chelsea's final position in the BPL? (1- "6 or worse")
  • What four teams will qualify for the UCL?
  • Will Arsenal win anything? y/n
  • Will Chelsea beat Bayern in the SuperCup? y/n
  • Will Chelsea win the FA-cup? y/n
  • How far will Chelsea go in the UCL (Group stage, 16:th, quarter, semi or final)?
  • Will Chelsea get to face either Barca or Real in the UCL play-offs? y/n
  • Will Chelsea loose even a single competitive game at the Bridge (after full time)? y/n
  • Will Chelsea be helped at all by the new goal line technology (preventing a ghost goal or awarding a proper goal the linesman or ref didn't see)? y/n
  • After Ba, Cech and Torres, will another Chelsea player be seen with the Zorro-mask? y/n
  • Will the Chelsea board propose a move to Earl's court? y/n
  • Will the Chelsea board opt to expand Stamford Bridge to 55k? y/n
  • Will Chalobah return to Chelsea and start at least 1 league game? y/n
  • Will McEachran return to the club and start at least 1 league game? y/n
  • Will Oriol Romeu stay at the club and start minimum 1 league game? y/n
  • Will Nathan Aké stay at the club and start at least 1 league game? y/n
  • Will deBruyne be sold? y/n
  • Will Victor Moses remain at the club throughout the season (or instead be either sold or sent on loan)? y/n
  • Will Torres be sold? y/n
  • Will David Luiz be sold? y/n
  • If kept, how will Mourinho make most use of David Luiz? (CB or CM)
  • Will Mourinho stick to 4-2-3-1 or shift to 4-3-3?
  • Will Lukaku return to Chelsea and at least be our second most prolific goal scorer? y/n
  • Will Chelsea conform with the UEFA FFP (stay within allowed losses)? y/n
  • Will any English club be penalised by UEFA for failing to live up to FFP? y/n
  • Who will be the Chelsea player of the year?
  • Who will be the PFA player of the year?
  • Will JT sign a contract extension? y/n
  • Will Lampard bag 10 or more goals also next season? y/n
  • Will Ashley sign another 1 year contract extension? y/n
  • If Chelsea returns one of their loanee RB, who will that be? (Wallace, Kalas, Toddy or Omeruo?)
  • Who will get to sub most games for Ashley as LB? (Ryan Bertrand, Van Aanholt or Luke Shaw?)
  • If Chelsea signs a new central defender, who will that be?
  • If Chelsea signs a new midfielder, who will that be?
  • If Chelsea signs a new striker, who will that be?
  • Will any Chelsea player be suspended for more than 3 games for a single incident?
  • Will any Chelsea player be injured in a way that will see him miss out for more than 4 months? y/n
  • Will Mikel score? y/n
  • Will the Academy win either the FA Youth Cup or the NextGen? y/n
At the end of the season we could then see who is the best or worse prophets.

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