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Catalan sports daily SPORT continues pro-Torres, anti-Mourinho campaign

Do you believe in miracles?

Jasper Juinen

Despite having ties to both FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, I think it's safe to say that Jose Mourinho is generally not very well liked right now in most of Spain. Their loss is our gain of course and it may just keep getting better.

Believe it or not, the whole Fernando Torres to Barcelona rumor is starting to move beyond just an easy joke. For the second straight day, the Catalan sports daily SPORT - think Marca, but for Barca - has had Chelsea's number nine on its front cover. Yesterday, it got the full page treatment, today it occupies a prominent spot on the right sidebar next to Neymar's face.

SPORT is campaigning for Torres as a like-for-like replacement for David Villa and as someone who, along with Neymar, could help Barcelona cure itself when a particularly bad case of Messidependencia strikes. They cite Torres's familiarity from the national team with many of their players as an advantage in potentially needing very little time to adjust to playing in Spain again.

The transfer fee being bandied about is €20m, which is obviously well below what Chelsea paid for Fernando but is still by no means chump change, especially when you factor in the insane wages he's getting paid at Chelsea. SPORT claims that a four year contract could help Barcelona prorate some of the costs. I'm assuming this means that they would spread out the money he'd be owed by Chelsea in the next three years over the next four years instead, thus effectively giving his yearly salary a 25% reduction. To help make up for that, they'd be giving him a chance "to play on a championship team."

El problema sería su ficha, que es muy elevada. Pero el Barça le ofrecería un contrato por cuatro temporadas, hasta junio del 2017, uno más que los que ahora tiene firmados con el Chelsea. De esta manera, con un año más, el Barça podría prorratear el sueldo que ganaría el jugador en el equipo de Stamford Bridge, además de ofrecerle la posibilidad de jugar en un equipo campeón.

-Source: SPORT

¿Cómo se dice 'snark' in Catalan?

But it gets better, as today they've stepped up the personal angle and have fully involved the man who entered the management game while being employed by Barcelona a couple decades ago.

Y, aunque parezca difícil de entender a primera vista, el técnico portugués podría acercar al 'Nino' al FC Barcelona. De todos es sabido que a 'Mou' le gustan otro tipo de delanteros, más de área y con más potencia que el internacional español pese a que ésta también destaca por su corpulencia. Sin embargo, Torres es más un atacante con mucha movilidad y capaz de abrirse a banda o internarse con rapidez a la perfección.

-Source: SPORT

Basically, "as unbelievable as it may be at first glance," Mourinho would let Torres go because he obviously prefers big strong center forwards (read: Drogba) over players who are mobile and can open up defenses "to perfection" (read: Torres). Yes, they are being serious. There's some insinuation here as well that Mourinho basically prefers to play with stupid brute force (read: not Spanish) rather than genuine smart talent (read: Spanish).

But what about Mourinho's comments Re Torres, about how Fernando deserves our respect and how they will sit down after the Confederations Cup and have a chat about the future? Well, basically, it's just a smokescreen from The "Always polemic and controversial" One. They have searched Jose's true feelings; they know it to be true. The Emperor of Chelsea wants Cavani and he'd be more than happy to let Torres go.

I do not disagree. And I wish SPORT 'bona sort' on the rest of their Torres campaigning. Yes you can!

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