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Chelsea are still being linked to Nemanja Matic

These seemed to have died right down but instead this rumour refuses to die

Michael Steele

Tancredi Palmeri seems to have gone slightly insane this transfer window, tweeting left, right and centre about every single rumour humanely possible. In fairness, however, this latest piece of news does come not from him but from the wonderful folks at Sky Italy:

Matic, again? I thought we were done with this, assuming that the link only ever existed because a) Chelsea played Benfica in the Europa League Final, b) because Matic is a Benfica player, c) because Matic used to be a Chelsea player and because d) all of the above = enough logic to link him with a move back to London.

There's no mention of price or anything - in fact, all we have are the words Matic, Chelsea, Benfica and Sky Italy in a sentence. It's not much to go on, although we were hearing tenuous reports of a £25 million fee, although there are some hilarious reports suggesting we're going to go as high as £40 million, which would be the stupidest thing ever including the Fernando Torres transfer.

There's no way Matic would ever be worth that kind of money. Sure, he's a nice physical player with a decent skill-set playing an important role for a good team (one which somehow conspired to lose a league, domestic cup and European Cup treble in the space of ten days), but he also has significant weaknesses that say, a Javi Martinez simply doesn't have.

The idea of a Matic-Chelsea reunion is a nice one, but I'm pretty sure it isn't going to happen.

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