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Chelsea transfer target Edinson Cavani scores, Juan Mata does too

In case you had any doubts, both Mata and Cavani are excellent at football.

Paolo Bruno

If any of you had doubts that transfer target Edinson Cavani would make Chelsea instantly-better, I'd invite you to take a look at this:

That is just exemplary forward play. Even though he's playing in a wide role here, he does everything exactly right. From the wonderful take down, to the cut inside to take out a defender, and the perfectly-placed shot, this is exactly how a forward should play. Whether or not you agree with his transfer, it's hard to argue that he wouldn't drastically-improve the Chelsea squad.

Elsewhere in the world of football, Chelsea's definitely-excellent midfielder Juan Mata also scored. You can see the goal here:

Look at that. His tracking back to win the ball and start the move, his run to put himself in a great position to receive Santi Cazorla's return ball, the second 1-2 with the Arsenal man, and the skill in the finish. That's why we'd be absolutely-mental to be even considering selling Juan Mata. He's a legitimately-world-class, if slightly-under-rated, player. He's just not replaceable. Can we get him working with Jose Mourinho yet? [Cavani too?]

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