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Chelsea are a bunch of jerks, but might not be the biggest jerks ever

Because breaking a handle off of the European Cup wasn't enough, Chelsea had to go make a mess out of the FA Cup as well

Steve Bardens

You read the title? Good. I said it. Chelsea are a bunch of big, bad jerks. Want to know why? Ask Kevin Williams, the man responsible for keeping the FA Cup looking wonderful:

"It was pretty well damaged - so many people wanted a piece of it."

"This year it took probably 70 to 80 hours of restoration and polishing, where you would normally allow more like 38 hours to make sure everything's all right."

Yikes. So Chelsea's celebrations in which the damaged the Champions League trophy also resulted in greater than average wear and tear to the FA Cup. What a bunch of jerks...right? Williams made sure to point out that there have actually been worse offenders though, citing an incident several years ago when a piece was actually broken:

"I've been looking after the FA Cup for about 17 years now, and the damage this time was more extensive; although a few years ago, without naming the team responsible, the Cup came back with the lid in two pieces."

Chelsea have won the trophy 5 other times in his 16 previous years repairing the cup, so there's actually a fairly good chance that they were responsible for the broken lid as well. The other potential culprits are Manchester United, Manchester City, Portsmouth, Liverpool, and Arsenal. Tottenham fans can relax, though, as it definitely wasn't them.

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